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Alcohol And Other Drugs

Alcohol and Other Drugs: Principles for Sustainable Service Delivery

All services in the AOD field should have at their foundation the philosophy of harm minimisation and a recovery orientation.

The AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) treatment sector continues to strive to deliver a sustainable and coherent AOD service-system that works better for those people who need it.

Services are encouraged to work towards the complete implementation of best-practice treatment principles. All services in the AOD field should have at their foundation the philosophy of harm minimisation and a recovery orientation. These AOD philosophies should underpin all practice approaches, models of care, treatment modalities, policies and procedures, planning, performance, supervision, training and quality activities. 

This applies to all AOD services, including early intervention and prevention, harm reduction, treatment, pharmacotherapy and support services. They apply to specific population groups such as young people, older people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, forensic clients and others. It’s a foundation for treating the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in the global population.


Here are those key treatment principles:

  1. Substance dependence is a complex but treatable condition that affects brain function and influences behaviour

  2. Treatment is accessible

  3. Treatment is person-centred

  4. Treatment involves people who are significant to the client

  5. Policy and practice is evidence informed

  6. 6. Treatment involves integrated and holistic care responses

  7. The treatment system provides for continuity of care

  8. Treatment includes a variety of biopsychosocial approaches, interventions and modalities oriented towards people’s recovery

  9. The lived experience of alcohol and other drug users and their families is embedded at all levels of the alcohol and other drug treatment system

  10. The treatment system is responsive to diversity

  11. Treatment is delivered by a suitably qualified and experienced workforce


Health Q has considerable experience in program design and administration, including policy development and evaluation of service models in the AOD sector.  This project experience includes:

  • Development of the current National Drug Strategy (2017-2026) (Commonwealth Department of Health)

  • Development of the National Alcohol Strategy (2019-2028) (Commonwealth Department of Health)

  • Review of the Opiate Pharmacotherapy Program (OPP) (Department of Health, NT)

  • Evaluation of the COAG Supporting Measures Relating to Needle & Syringe Programs in Victoria (Department of Human Services – Victoria)

  • Evaluation of the services provided by Quit SA (Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia)

  • Reducing Risky Drinking Evaluation (Department of Human Services – Victoria)

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