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Relentlessly seek impact!

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

My first lesson from Ann Mei Chang’s book “Lean Impact”

I’ve just finished reading Ann Mei Chang’s book “Lean Impact”. Many lessons for those of us leading or supporting service provision in social and human services. And a thought provoking read.

So many challenges for not-for-profit and human services providers at the moment. Significant executive energy is directed to service system reform, Royal Commissions, and pressures around financial sustainability (to mention just a few).

With all this, where do customer outcomes sit on our strategic agenda and KPI dashboard? Our organisational and strategic drive for #outcomes and #impact may well be less-than “relentless”.

Those three words spoke to me, as a motivator, and call to action. “Relentlessly seek impact” should be written at the top of our regular management and executive meeting agendas. #lean

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