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To breathe, or not to breathe

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

This is not my usual post.

I don’t have any data, or charts.

It’s not based on evidence.

Sorry ... not sorry ;)

I was reminded this week of something I said out loud for the first time earlier this year. I was scared to say it.

In front of the senior leaders of a large organisation I stood up and talked about my personal values.

Top of the list was “leading with kindness” ... being true to yourself and treating people as people, not a cog in a corporate machine, or elements of a business process.

I survived. No one laughed.


Our corporate lives pull us in many directions, and we are required to make countless decisions every day. We work at pace. The next meeting is waiting for you. We don't always engage, acknowledge and value the people that surround us. We rush.

My message is simple:

Breathe (always)


Be true to your values

Be kind

Do it with passion

Trust your instincts

This is not the 'meaning of life', or a recipe for corporate success. There is much more to being successful and being a leader than the result of my musings above.

That said, I know that these are core to my professional and personal happiness.

What makes your list?


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