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Wellbeing SA - Disability Accommodation (aged under 18 years) project

In April 2022, Health Q Consulting (Health Q) was appointed by Wellbeing SA to complete the Disability Accommodation (aged under 18 years) Project.

The Women’s and Children’s Health Network (WCHN) has reported that at times, individuals are clinically and medically ready to return to living in community or assisted living settings, but experience complex needs which require specialised accommodation design, equipment, or other supports in place before they can do so. Often these individuals are unable to leave hospital for long periods of time as a result, remaining in hospital until the necessary supports can be approved and arranged.

WCHN stakeholders estimate there to be between one and four children with disability in long-stay hospital admissions in a given month. These patients are considered medically ready for discharge but are unable to be discharged due to complex external factors. The children most likely to experience long-stay hospital admissions are children aged 12 to 16 with autism or intellectual disability; however, children as young as eight have been seen.

Accommodation options for this cohort, including demand and supply of long term and transitional accommodation in South Australia, is not fully accessible nor well understood.

The Disability Accommodation (aged under 18 years) Project will enable Local Health Networks, in particular WCHN, to enhance relationships with key providers to support both the discharge of NDIS participants aged under 18 years and explore hospital avoidance mechanisms.

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