Director, Principal, Consultant


Darren is personable, insightful and passionate.  He has worked in, and consulted to, the acute, primary health, mental health, disability and alcohol and other drugs sectors for approximately 12 years.

As a consultant, Darren has delivered projects of national significance, including: Development of the National Drug Strategy; Development of activity based costing model for mental health services; Evaluation of the National Perinatal Depression Initiative and Review of the Nationally Funded Centres Paediatric Heart Transplantation Program.

Key skills: Strategy; consultation, evaluation; performance; opportunity assessment; business case development.

Senior Consultant


Charlotte is a specialist in program/service evaluation and outcomes and impact measurement, developed through more than a decade of research and analytical experience in the legal, health management consulting and not-for-profit social services sectors.

Charlotte has supported a wide range of research projects in health and social services at both a national and local level.

Key skills: Impact measurement, Research; Stakeholder and community partnership and engagement; Systematic reviews; Evaluation frameworks and approaches.



Emily joined Health Q Consulting in 2021 having working in Cambodia and Australia. Emily has clinical experience delivering client-centric therapeutic interventions, including proficiency in motivational interviewing techniques.


Emily has worked closely with diverse client populations, including culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, children and adolescents, and clients with disabilities and diverse learning needs.

Key skills: Consultation, community engagement, policy and document analysis

Associate Consultant & Researcher


Dr Samantha Battams (PhD) is a public health academic and health and community services consultant with public health and social science training.  Samantha has 25 years' experience across curriculum development, teaching, research, policy analysis, health service administration, project management, consulting, board membership. 


Research topics include public health policy and analysis, mental health, alcohol and other drugs, non-communicable disease, global health, governance for health and community participation.

Key skills: Research; including qualitative research methodology and methods; Systematic reviews; Evaluation frameworks and approaches; 

Stakeholder and community partnership and engagement; Strategy.

Senior Consultant


Pene is an accomplished advisor and consultant. She has been delivering outcomes for businesses and organisations in Australia and the United Kingdom for almost 30 years. Her expertise in employment compliance, award interpretations, payroll compliance and rostering make her a valuable resource in both service planning and change management projects.

Key skills: Consultation; financial modelling, employment costs and tax analysis; award interpretation.