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Learning and reflection through Evaluation

Getting a good evaluation outcome is more than just deploying the right technique ... having a team that listens, facilitates reflection and progresses coordinated learning-cycles will make a big difference.

As evaluators, we pride ourselves on evaluation design and deploying the right mix of methodological approaches. Within an evaluation, knowledge and skills in research

methods and systematic inquiry are, of course, critical for collecting valid and

reliable data on which evaluative conclusions and recommendations can be made.

This is a core ingredient of any evaluation. As important are the interpersonal skills required.

This includes:

  • listening for and respecting others’ points of view

  • displaying empathy

  • having the capacity to build relationships with a range of people

  • maintaining an objective perspective

  • collaborating and partnering with stakeholders to engage them in evaluation processes

Health Q Consulting's evaluation approach has been developed to optimise developmental and learning outcomes, delivering, what we consider to be, better value of money and impact. The developmental principles of our evaluation are summarized below.

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